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    Premiere Pro CS6 Mac Playback Issues


      I've searched for similar issues, and while I found plenty of playback issues, I didn't see anything like what I'm experiencing.


      MacPro Quad-Core Xeon 2.26 x2 (8b cores)

      12 GB ram

      OS 10.6.8 (can't update this due to other infrastructure)

      Nvidia GeForce GT 120

      FAST Fiber attached SAN

      Local Raid0 media drive


      I know the GPU isn't compatible with the Mercury hardware acceleration.


      I've been a Premiere Pro user since version 2 and have kept current through the years.  I'm happily running CS5.5 on PC's in my home office.  I recently installed the trial version of CS6 on my Mac at work to evaluate for that environment, and I'm pulling my hair out trying to get over some basic issues.  I have no problems with Media Encoder or AE. 


      In Premiere using preview or program (timeline), playback stops after roughly a second...  though it varies by several frames each time.  I tested this with various video files, .wav files, stills (jpeg, psd), etc.  I even tested with black video and bars generated inside Premiere.  The problem persists with all of the above...  click play, and playback stops after about a second.  Scrubbing works great...  I've tried different playback resolutions.  I'm not using any 3rd party monitoring devices or I/O cards on this machine.


      I have FCP 7 installed on the same machine and have no trouble editing and playing 1080i video all day long.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!