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    Dynamically Setting the Position of a Subform



      Hello there

      I am trying to solve an issue with the dynamic positioning of a subform not working when the form is rendered from a process.

      I have a flowed XDP based form with a variable amount of content, and a “totals” subform that needs to be positioned at the bottom of the last page.  I do this with some JavaScript which works out the current Y position of the “totals” subform, and then sets the top margin of a proceeding “spacer” subform appropriately.  The code runs on the docReady eavent of the main subform, and runs correctly when the form is rendered dynamically, for example from within Designer.

      We need to be able to generate the form using a LiveCycle service.   When we attempt this using the generatePDFOutput service, the code correctly calculates and sets the required margin.  However, setting the margin has no effect (the “totals” subform is not moved).  I am unclear why this does work, i.e. why there is a different effect when rendering the form from the process.

      I am unable to move the code to an earlier event.  The latest event for which setting a margin actually works is formReady.  However, at this point the code to determine the current Y position of the “Totals” subform does not work.

      One idea I had was to render the form twice.  On the first rendering of the form, the code could calculated the required margin.  On the 2nd rendering of the form, the margin would be set at an appropriately early event such as initialise.  However, I do not know how to pass a value calculated in JavaScript back to a process.

      Any ideas would be appreciated.

      Many thanks

      Geoff Olding