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    Keying despite bad light situation?

    _snickers Level 1

      Hey guys, can anyone help me?


      I have a video with a bad light situation that was unfortunately not filmed in a blue or green box. Do you think it is possible to use keying effects for deleting the background? I need the person and the ball without the background.


      So far I have tried all keying effects in after effects but nothing really worked. Does anyone have a tip for me?


      Maybe I can change the colour before keying? The problem is that the socks have about the same colour as the background.


      The result doesn't have to be perfect cause it will be for an iphone application. But all I've tried so far looks really bad



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's no miracle cure, unfortunately.  Keying will be problematic on the socks, the ball reflections and possibly the skin tones as well.  If you must use this footage, it's going to require some tedious hand masking/rotoscoping.


          Personally, I'd re-shoot.

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            _snickers Level 1

            well I didn't find the miracle cure right now but maybe there is one


            Unfortunately I have to use this footage. But can't I edit the footage by using some colour effects so that it gets easier for keying? The colours don't have to be exactly the same in the end and the final clip will be used on a grey surface. So some little transparent parts – like the reflexions – are not that fatal.

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Here's a quick 2 minute try at pulling a key from your still.  I've left all effects parameters visible so yo can see what I've done.


              On the bottom layer I used a luminance key to extract the best I could from the background.  This left a lot of shadow on the floor still visible, so I used a mask to get rif of the lower segment of this layer.


              On the upper layer, I used a Linear Color Key to extract the best I could.  This leaves a lot of soft edges and holes, especially around skin tones - thus the two layers.


              There are still obvious holes in the ball reflections that would need to be filled.  It's far from a perfect result, but perhaps will work if your scale is quite small for your final output.


              Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 10.55.16 AM.png

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                _snickers Level 1

                You're so kind   That's looks quite perfect to me. I've tried the same (just with one more keying effect) in my video and it works fine


                Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!!!!