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    Serious Errors in Pr 5.5

    LauraMay1985 Level 1

      Hi all,


      Over the last few days I've been repeatedly getting random crashes in premiere pro and 'serious error' messages. At first it seemed pretty sporadic and on restarting my computer it would be fine 9/10 times.


      Today I opened a different project and was working on it without any problems for a few hours when I got the crash warning again. Normally it makes a recovery file which opens up with out problem and saves everything. It did this but on opening the recovered file it now brings up the error every time. The error message doesn't actually make the program crash now, it just makes the Pr Pro window go a bit crazy so I can't look at anything properly.

      I even tried copying and pasting the sequence into a new project and it does the same thing there.


      I have no idea what could be wrong as these errors are only recent, the only changes that have been made to my computer recently are:

      - Adobe updates

      - Installing other pieces of software from my Production Premium suite.


      This has only occured since then - could it be a coincedence?


      I'm currently trying to uninstall and reinstall Pr Pro, failing that I have no idea where to start - any ideas?






      Message was edited by: LauraMay1985 UPDATE! I have reinstalled all of production premium 5.5 and it still does not open this project properly. The premiere pro icon is also the generic 'unknown file' rather than the purple 'pr'. I have tried opening another project which seems to load with no problems. I have tried opening in safe mode and the error 131:4 pops up. Looking this up, it tells me to reinstall (which I have already done). I have also randomly encountered this error on the same project upon trying to open it this last few times: [..\..\Src\Sequence\Action\SequenceAddTransitionAction.cpp-57] I hope this shed some more light on the situation - is it all connected?!