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    question about color changing


      I am using PS CS6 on my win7 computer.


      This is my issue: I want to change the blue color of this button(http://photo.163.com/tomliutest/#m=2&aid=240826374&pid=7735901256) to this green color(http://photo.163.com/tomliutest/#m=2&aid=240826374&pid=7735901240). I want to have the color exactly the same. So


      1. I open the green color button, in Image->Adjustments->Replace color, I got the property of the color, which is: H:110 S:62 B:73 R:90 G:186 B:71, L:68 a:-46 b:48 C:67 M:0 Y:99 K:0 #5aba47, I wrote down these values,

      2. I open the blue color button, in Image->Adjustments->Replace color, replacement->result, I input all the values of green color, and I save the file. They are all png format.

      3. I open the one I just made(http://photo.163.com/tomliutest/#m=2&aid=240826374&pid=7735871516), I found the value is different from what I have input, the value was changed to H:110 S:60 B:72 R:91 G:183 B:71, L:67 a:-44 b:46 C:68 M Y:99 K:0 #5bb749


      So why this happened(value changed)? And if I want to make the color of two buttons EXACTLY the same, is there any way I can do it in PS? Thanks.