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    Remove JPEG metadata / APP Markers


      We have recently upgraded our lab where I work to CS6. Previously we were using Photoshop 7.0.


      The issue I have relates to an external piece of software that queues prints to a large format photographic printer. This software is, picky, about the JPEGS it receives.


      The JPEG's saved out of CS6 do not process through this software. The JPEG's saved out of Photoshop 7.0 do. I can strip the 'APP markers' from the CS6  JPEG's using Irfanview and this resolves the issues with the CS6 files. This is not good workflow.


      I have tried creating a blank photoshop file in CS6 at the relevant dimensions and pasting the image data on to it then saving as a JPEG in CS6. This suffers the same problem. So I believe the issue is related to the extra data put in the JPEG headers from CS6.


      I have as yet been unable to find a way to reduce / eliminate this extra data.


      I *really* want this to work; please help. From what I can find on adobe.com they don't really offer any support? I am in Australia and there is, from what I can see, no one employed by adobe to provide support. $1200 worth of photoshop and no support!!! Good work if you can get it