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    XML Table merging into anchored frame

    Marco Lugli Level 1

      Hello I have an issue:

      I prepared an xml and an Indesign template for the creation of a dynamic layout. The Indesign layout is composed by various frames anchored to the main frame on the page. In the xml file I also included a series of .xml tables (correctly formatted for Indesign) with their number of rows and columns. These tables are supposed to be imported in indesign into one of the anchored frames: the problem is that I cannot substitute the contents of the current table with the next table in my .xml file: it seems that Indesign "remembers" the number of column of the first imported table and then transmit it to the next imported table. I also tried importing the .xml file without the use of an indesign template, simply dragging the xml data from the structure to the page and all the tables come in with no problem, so I think the problem should be generated by the anchored frames..

      Any help should be much appreciated


      Thanks in advance