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    When you resize the graphic does not change size effects

    Aleš Ulrych Level 1




      has had long-standing problem of Indesign CS3 (CS1 in it worked correctly, I did not use CS2).

      I now have a version of CS6.

      This to me is that the client sends us a graphic that is done in 1:1 and size as 250x200 cm. (printed on textiles).

      For easier processing and graphics, PDF creation reduces the size of 1:10. And here is the problem. All effects (shadows, transparency, will remain in its original size and I have one effect after another to mark oo reduce one decimal place)



      More can be seen in this video: http://screenr.com/sXZ8



      Imagine the case that I do graphics on a number of purposes: Business cards, flyers, billboards, posters. All in one spirit. If I do graphics on the flyer and diminishing it to the card, I have to redo all the effects ... : (



      I report this bug to Adobe Support Czech for a long time, but no response. : (