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    Premier pro not responding...


      CS 5.5 w all the latest updates

      Premier pro 5.5 w all the updates.


      Windows 7 up to date


      12 gig o ram

      1 gig readon graphics card all updated.



      I was working on a project in Premier pro with footage that I took from my sony a77 dslr.  I exported some of the clips to AE and premier pro stopped responding.  This is the first time this has ever happened.  It has worked every time in the past.  Since then ANY project i open in Premier pro stops responding within 2 to three mins.  I cant see any video in the program sequence or  the source sequence screen.  The video is in the timeline and when i press the space bar it takes a few minutes but i get some sound of the video but nothing previews.


      AE works totally fine...


      I unistalled premier pro and reinstalled it...  still same problem


      Where do i start...?