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    Pre Director 11 Shockwave Content breaking

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      ALL Director developers should read this: http://www.adobedirectoronline.com/tutorials/tutorial_backwardCompatability.php

      If you do not (at the minimum) make changes to the page containing your shockwave file, the content will break. You must include the playerVersion="10" parameter in your embed/object tags or the shockwave loader screen appears and nothing ever loads

      This is a major departure from how Macromedia handled Director updates. Under Macromedia backwards compatibility was an important feature for both platforms. Under Adobe not only are we forced to make edits so that pre Director 11 content is supported, the backwards compatibility is supported on WINDOWS only!

      For this reason I am no longer recommending that customers update to shockwave 11 until Adobe corrects this problem for all platforms and resumes backwards compatibility for older Director content. The temporary fix instituted by the team in Bangalore is serving to undermine the Director community's breadth of existing content that by and large is still ahead of its time. Also there appear to be other bugs introduced into the content so this developer is converting shockwave content to downloadable executables for the Mac platform.

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          from the article:

          "Whenever the content earlier to Director 11 is played, Adobe Shockwave
          Player needs to understand the version of the content to enable smooth
          playback of that content. For this purpose a new and efficient approach is

          They either mean it's efficient for them or there is a different definition
          for the word efficient than I'm used to.

          How sad.

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            not only that but I have some Dir 8.5 sw3d content content that when run under shockwave 11 (playerVersion=11) it uses a different coordinate system than the one specified by the w3d used in the scene thereby throwing off all the camera position calculations. Im not sure that the ScriptExecutionStyle declaration functions any longer. I dont think its in anyones interest to have to retool old content for a new player, it is a sign of lassitude on the part of Adobe for this complicated and incompatible solution. I would have preferred they waited another 6 months instead of releasing a bug filled player. The fact is. not everyone has moved on to Vista and Intel Macs,
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              SO far I have not even found a system (MAC or PC) where the compatibility operation actually succeeds. The plugin simply goes to a screen where it says the compatibility components are downloading and then just hangs. THis is historically the first release of shockwave that I recall where an update actually breaks so much prior contentcompletely. Setting the playerVersion=10 pretty much guarantees a hanging request for compatibility components that dont appear to exist/never download and playing the content as sw11 introduces so many bugs that 3d content is unplayable.

              There is a fortunately a fall back position. Write a Javascript detection scheme to check for sw11 and deny viewing saying they have an incompatible plugin and need to uninstall and download player available on the adobe site here:
              This of course makes it impossible to adopt the new sw11 platform for authoring. However content authored in Dir MX (version 10) is compatible with plugin version

              Macromedia left quite a high standard on compatibilty issues that Adobe seems to fall severely short of the mark on. I guess we know what to expect from here on out.