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    some elementary questions


      now i have sorted out my problem with jerky playback ( by buying a heavy duty PC) I have started serious editing but have come across two issues


      1  when i am editing a video how do i go back to the beginning. I can do a fast rewind or go back to previous edit but surely there is a way of instantly going back to the start


      2  how do i edit one track without affecting another parallel track . At present when I play around addinga soundtrack I often get left with gaps on the video and audio tracks. Pressing delete and close gap does not have any effect.


      Any help gratefully received



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          #1 - Hit the Home Key. To go to the end of the Timeline, hit the End Key. PageUp & PageDn will step on through the Timeline, one Clip (on any Track), at a time.


          #2 - There is no Track Locking in PrE, so one needs to be aware, that edits made to Clips, that are "covered" by other Clips, will not behave, exactly as one might plan, such as clicking on a Clip, and choosing Delete and Close Gap. The best way to handle this, is with workflow. As I do not do music videos, I edit my Video (and any muxed Audio from the camera) first, and THEN add my soundtrack.


          Good luck,



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            My issue is related to #2. I purchased Premiere Elements to put together a daily video recap set to music at churh camp last week. The guy who normally does our video work was unable to go this year, so I was volunteered for the job. The last time I did much video editing was with Premeire Pro 1.5, but I didn't realize how much different this would be.


            Anyway, this is the problem I was having: Every time I resized a clip or changed it time/speed, it affected my entire timeline. Some parts of the video that I had synchronized with music were shifted instead of leaving a blank area so that I could fill that in with other clips. I also had instances where the mp3 used as my soundtrack would become split and I would have to pull the track back together, but this didn't happen every time. Is there not a way to prevent Premeire Elements from shifting the clips in the timeline when it is not desired?


            It seems to me that the software is trying to be too smart for it's own good. I spoke with our regular video guy and he said that Premiere Elements is made for the common consumer, but will frustrate someone who has video editing experience.

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              > "our regular video guy and he said that Premiere Elements is made for the common consumer"

                  Your regular video guy has not taken the time to learn much about PE, now in it's 10th version.  He is correct that it is easy for the consumer to buy and that there are automatic features that do things like make instant movies.  But until he drills down into the many layers of features and tools, he is only displaying ignorance.  I recently googled "premier elements vs premier pro " and the reading was interesting.


              > "but will frustrate someone who has video editing experience"

                  True for any switch in any sophisticated software that does anything.  There are entire courses aimed at people who need to switch due to circumstances like job changes.  For example, you can find course work for people needing to follow the apparent trend from Final Cut to Adobe products.


              The short answer to your specific question is to read up on how using the <CTRL>, <ALT> and <SHIFT> keys change the behavior of timeline editing.


              Do you need references to training materials, sources and websites?



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                Ed.Macke Level 3



                I have done many "music videos" over the years, and this is one of the most consistently frustrating quirks of PRE. So many times I've carefully sync'd clips with the music, only to have them moved by PRE when my back was turned. Of course I wouldn't notice it until much later, and have to figure out what happened and how to fix it. Or I'd do something on the video track that PRE thought (incorrectly) required splitting the audio track, too.


                If I had a dollar for every time I would yell at the screen "STOP DOING THAT!!!!", I could probably afford Premiere Pro (which I think has some sort of track locking feature, or as I would call it, the "STOP DOING THAT" setting).


                Unfortunately, I never did find a satisfactory way to stop making PRE think it was smarter than me. Which, ironically, I guess means it actually is smarter.

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                  poit57 Level 1

                  I didn't mean to offend anyone who has become proficient using Premiere Elements and can make nice videos with it. I was just very frustrated that it was not behaving in a way that I was expecting, so I was using my friend and this forum to vent that frustration. Unfortunately for me last week, I could not find the help I needed within the software and I spent a week using this software with no internet access, therefore I could not get the support I needed. Since I've returned home, I have been trying to catch up on my sleep as well as return to my normal work schedule, so I haven't taken the time to look for any tutorials regarding this software.


                  If you would, I would appreciate you linking me to instructions on how to use <Ctrl>, <Alt> and <Shift> to edit the videos the way I want. I briefly pulled up the software's help, but I didn't know the terminology to search for regarding this type of editing.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    If I understand the problems that you are seeing, when you are Deleting Video, you will want to do an Insert Edit, and not a Ripple Edit. That will leave you with a gap, that can be filled.


                    Now, when you do a speed-change, things can get a bit involved, regarding pre-established sync. You are either adding, or deleting Frames in a Clip. I strongly suggest that those changes be done, before you spend time doing a lot of syncing.


                    If I missed the problems, then kindly ignore my suggestions.


                    Good luck,