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    Fullscreen works with WMode?

      I have been unable to get wmode=transparent to work with allowFullscreen=true. According to adobe's release notes they fixed this. However I am unable to get it to work. In IE the 'press esc to exit' message never goes away and I can't interact with the flash application (dragging objects). In Firefox I can interact with the app, but it doesn’t redraw anything when I drag, so the flash app looks like a kaleidoscope as soon as I drag something.

      On a side note, when I right click on a flash app in a browser and select 'about flash player 9' i get directed to adobe's site and it tells me i have flash version 9,0,124,0 installed. If I do the same in a swf launched from my file system it says I have 9,0,115,0 installed...

      below is the html template i am using in my flex application to test applications.