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    5D play back issues in Prem Pro CS5.5


      I'm a Canon 5D2 newbie. I'm putting .mov footage from the camera into the PPro 5.5 time line and it simply doesn't play back very smoothly. I'm very surprised because I've just up-graded my PC suite to block buster level with i7 3.5 4 core processor, GeForce GTX 570 NVIDiA card, Petrol 128 GB SSD, 32GB of DDR 1333Mhz RAM.

      Of course I shoot HD 1920 x 1080 PAL and have tried various project setting from the HDV choices to the DSLR options. It doesn't make any difference, Its as though it's being played back at a slightly lower frame rate, or as though I had posterized it to give it a slightly "Silent Movie" look. You'd notice it particularly on any action going across the frame left to right or vice versa. Yet my footage is matched perfectly to the project settings. It just doesn't make sense.
      By the way, I do know D5 footage works OK once rendered because we used a 5D as a "B" Camera on a recent drama shoot which I edited on this same PPro 5.5 system, but why doesn't it play smoothly in the time line?

      I want it to play back "like butter" in PPro 5.5 like everyone else. I wonder if anybody else has experienced the same problem or has a solution?

      Any advice?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          MAC or PC? From the video card I assume PC.


          Why use a HDV preset when your material is AVCHD? If you don't know what you shot, just import your source material, right click on a clip in the project Panel and select New Sequence from Clip.

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            Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

            Hi Screenarena,


            Harm is correct, Set project to >Digital SLR>1080p>.DSLR 1080p 25 fps PAL. Make sure the speed is correct 25 fps or 24fps to match the camera settings..Be aware that fast horizontal panning may cause you some jello effects,(caused by the rolling shutter ) Check this out in Google &  check to see the Image Stabilizer is ON. I know you said you have done that , but, check it again.This even works smoothly using the 5-6 year old Adobe Premiere Elements 4 in a XP Pentium 4 hyper- threaded single core, from Canon's 5D Mark II's H.264 mov 1920 x 1080p clips.?But, you must render first in only 32 bit computer , what a performer that is... I take it your computer is 64 bit ?


            Reset description will be > (read the details in the window provided) it will state : Quote > This is in the CS5.5.2 details Window.


            "Editing Canon EOS Movie Full HD, 1920 x 1080 : Square pixels (non-anamorphic)" This preset has been used for over 12 months for a Canon 5D Mark II, if you are using the Mercury Playback  Engine it will play smoothly on the timeline, no need to render unless you use some transitions and/or effects. in particular stablized clips using the Mercalli Pro V2 authorised plug-in (this can fix the pixel movement caused by rolling shutter effect). > I have had no issues since using Premiere Pro CS5.5.2. to Export to blu-ray or Pro tape. Also, make sure you have all the upgrades.


            Ps.As you know HDV/mpeg-2 normally is imported using a Firewire IEEE 1394 from tape Ex a Canon Professional Tape videocamcorder  at 1440 x 1080i anamorphic (rectangular pixels)


            #Double click on my avatar if you need details of equipment in use. Your system seems more than adequate. Check this out  #http://tv.adobe.com/watch/short-and-suite/working-with-hdslr-footage-in-premiere-pro-cs5/h ttp://


            This Adobe TV instruction Video is excellent..........................................


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