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    Crash everytime I try to save a look


      I am trying the trial version of Speedgrade, and I really like the features and the ease of use of the program.

      However it is completely unusable for me right now, since it is crashing systematicly everytime I try to save a look preset. The only way I can save a look preset whithout crashing is when I didn't make any change at all to the footage, as soon as I modify anything to any color setting, the program crash directly when clicking on the button for saving the look preset.

      It is also crashing immediately when i go to the "output" tab if I made any change to the colors, it isn't crashing if no changes were made.


      I am running a clean windows 7 64bits install, with a core i5-2500 CPU, 16go of DDR3, a geforce GTX 560 Ti, I have the latest nvidia drivers, I updated all Adobe apps  ... I really don't have a clue about what is hapenning.

      I tried to install the trial version at work, where I have roughly the same configuration, and speedgrade is working like a charm whithout any crash ...


      Please if you have any idea of what the problem might be i would really love to be able to use this product.


      I don't know where I can fiund a crash report or a log file, so I could upload it here in order to get more help.



      Kind regards,