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    Movies and sounds

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WS188C0BC9-4FED-4b4a-BC8C-7E7C6E2BA7E1.html

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          Mary Baum

          Saving a movie as .mp4 generates an "iport failed" error for me. All in all, this is not nearly as easy as it should be. I feel as if there are a lot of missing pieces - and I've been editing video in FCP X and Motion for a year now! Already I've tried saving a piece of video in a number of formats, and exporting pdf. And it's not a seamless process by any means!

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            Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

            Is there a question here? I'm not seeing it.


            Saving a movie as MP4 is not done in InDesign. Since I don't have FCP X or Motion, I usually do it with Adobe Media Encoder with comes with the Creative Suite.

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              Mary Baum Community Member

              Okay. I watched a Lynda.com video and I'm all squared away.

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                Mary Baum Community Member

                I was soing it in everything I could think of - Quicktime, iMovie . . . finally, the Lynda.com video perwuaded me that Adobe Media Encoder was capable of doing more than encoding for the dreaded FLV formats. Opened that, picked .h264, saw the presets for iOS devices, and everything works like a charm! (Now I see where I'll have to go back and do some better edits on my video. Just because I'm not doing intros and outros doesn't mean I don't need to pay attention to transitions - in fact, I may have to learn those L-cuts after all!

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                  Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                  Great. Glad you figured it out!

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                    If I am creating a folio, which will be viewable on the iPad, what is the best way to make a video automatically stop when the user turns the page. 


                    For instance, each page has a few different videos on it. I know the iPad can only play one video at a time, which is fine for each page that has a few videos.  A user clicks one and it turns off the previous one.  However, if they turn the page, the video from the previous page is still playing in the background. 


                    Any ideas?  I tried to add a quick 1 second video that automatically plays and hide it in the back, but it does two things I don't want it to.  1) Shows the blue play bar.  2) once you go to that page and go back it won't automatically load again.



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                      Steve Werner ACP/MVPs



                      You're tagging on this question about the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. You need to ask this question in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite forum, here:


                      Digital Publishing Suite

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                        I'm using InDesign CS5.5 to create an interactive pdf that will contain several video clips. Files size is an issue. Where can I find tips on reducing flv file size, while maintaining high qualirty for different viewing dimensions?

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                          BobLevine UGM

                          Best guess would be the Flash forum.





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                            DeonOj Community Member

                            My question: Is there a way for indesign CS6 to keep the poster image I've selected for a sound file when I export to an interactive PDF?


                            My Dilemma: When placing a sound file in inDesign CS6, the options allow me to select a poster image. While this document above says option "None"  "Shows no poster for the movie or sound clip." that's not entirely true. If I select None, I won't see anything in indesign, but export it to a pdf and there is an ugly grey & black control bar that takes it place.  I've tried selecting a file to use as the poster (a nice transparent .png), but again, looks fine in indesign but export to a pdf and the image i selected is gone, replaced by either the ugly play bar again or what looks like the corner of a much larger adobe looking graphic.

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                              Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                              I wrote about the issue here. See if this helps you:


                              Hiding Sound Files in an Interactive PDF

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                                DeonOj Community Member

                                Thanks Steve. I actually found your article the other day and was using the tip on  making it a 1x1 size and floating play option. But instead of hiding the sound file behind another graphic, I've made the poster/sound file invisible in my PDF by creating a 1x1 transparent .png. (I think you suggested using a white image in the article,  that wouldn't work for me but gave me the idea to make a .png, thanks ) This works, but I have to add it to every page in acrobat as indesign isn't transferring the image or acrobat is removing or ignoring it. It's getting very time consuming when I have to redo it on every page after any edits in indesign.


                                I'm  trying to find out if there is a way to make the poster option work in indesign cs6.  The option is there, it just doesn't work for me when I select it and export the document. Hoping someone has a setting tweak I'm missing or work around to fix it.

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                                  LindsayLewchuk Community Member

                                  What I don't get is why it worked to import into indesign after it went through the media encoder program and it didn't work when it was coverted to an .mp4 in sound booth?  Thank you Mary Baum for mentioning what programs you tried and what program you finally had success with - saved me a full day of researching the issue!

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                                    mlavie Community Member

                                    According to this help page, MP4 should be playable even in an SWF export (which is what I need).


                                    However, when I tried to embed the following movie using the "Place a video from a URL" option in the Media panel:




                                    I got the error message:

                                    "The URL must reference a file which is compliant with Flash Player"


                                    How do I get this to work?




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                                      Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                                      I can't figure it out. I couldn't get your URL to work either. According to the Help file, you're doing it correctly. Your URL seems to be correct.


                                      Maybe someone else has a suggestion.

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                                        DeonOj Community Member

                                        If you can't convert it to an flv file, and it has to be mp4, you could try to download the movie to your computer and embed from there instead of trying to embed it from the url.

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                                          Hi, wonder if anyone has a suggestion for an interactive way to trigger audio that stops any existing audio that's playing. My InDesign page has various audio samples, and I want the user to be able to cut the previous samplee if a new one is chosen. I can't find a way to do this. Thanks for any help

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                                            Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                                            It can't be done in interactive PDF.


                                            It might be possible with Flash content, but would probably have to be created in Flash Professional with ActionScript.


                                            If you're trying to do it in a tablet app, ask in the Digital Publishing Suite forum.

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                                              dalstondavid Community Member

                                              Thanks, Steve, that was my suspicion. I shall move this question over to the DPS forum. Thanks for your help

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                                                when I send my exported .swf file to someone else for review, the .flv does not appear to make the trip. How do I embed the .flv into InDesign, so that I do not have this issue?

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                                                  Petteri_Paananen Community Member

                                                  You can´t embedd media files to SWF. That´s just how it is...

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                                                    You can not embed a file to SWF, but you can put both the SWF file and the media file into a folder together.  I did this on a CD-ROM to promote my film production class.

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                                                      I can see from these postings that you cannot embed a file to SWF. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to embed a URL from Vimeo or YouTube that includes the video and have it play normally within the SWF when exported. Thank you!

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                                                        Petteri_Paananen Community Member

                                                        With youtTube videos you can do that by creating a youTube wrapper in Flash Professional, exporting it as SWF and placing SWF to InDesign layout.

                                                        Here´s a good tutorial about making youTube SWF wrapper:



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                                                          Hi, I'm not sure if this an IND issue or a PDF issue but when I create a slideshow with video in IND and export as an interactive PDF things work out great EXCEPT once in Acrobat after I play the video and go to the next slide there is a box outlined where the video was on the previous slide. Am I doing something wrong in my export? Id there a way to not have this happen?

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                                                            BobLevine UGM

                                                            How are you creating this "slideshow?"

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                                                              DaDiggler Community Member

                                                              Well, in IND I set up however many pages I need at 16:9 aspect ratio, import images and set type as per usual and import my video same as a static image (Cmnd D). Using the media panel I set the poster I want and the options for the controller. Once everything is done I export as an interactive PDF (view after exporting/embed pg thumbs/ view: default/layout: default/ open in full screen/ choose my transitions/ compression: Auto/ Jpg quality: Max Resolution: 300)

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                                                                DaDiggler Community Member

                                                                oops I lied, my compression was set to lossless. Is it my settings or should I only be importing video via the tab on the media panel?