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    Smooth cross-dissolve between photos with pan-and-zoom effect

    d koh Level 1

      I'm new to Premiere Elements but have experience with other non-linear editing.  When I apply pan-and-zoom to adjacent imported still photos (not video clips) and then add a cross-dissolve transition between them, there is a stop-start so that the transition isn't smooth. That is, both clips aren't panning/zooming during the whole transition -- first one is and then the second is.  In older iMovie, for example, this was a "destructive" transition that shortened the combined length of the clips by the duration of the transition; however, they actually "overlapped." Premiere Elements seems to add on still frames at the ends to accomplish the cross-dissolve, but it ends up looking very amateur.


      Is there a way to get a smooth, professional-looking cross-dissolve between "Ken Burns"-style photos? I've tried applying the transition both before and after applying the pan-and-zoom, but both look the same (i.e., cheesy).