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    How to extend a song?

    _snickers Level 1

      Hey guys,


      hope anyone can help me.


      I want to extend the middle part of this song:




      I've already tried several things but it really sounds bad. Is there a kind of tool that I can use? I just need the song 30 seconds longer. To slow it down was also a trial but it sounds bad as well :-( I want to keep the speed....


      Thanks a lot for your support :-)

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          If your allowed to modify the song I’d just copy one of the repeating stanzas in the song and just repeat it until you have your 30 seconds not going to change the song that much.

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            _snickers Level 1

            That's what I've tried to do, but the parts didn't match. It really sounds bad. Isn't there a filter or a tool that corrects it automatically? Or can you maybe explain how I can do this in a way that the parts fit together?

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              Radar_fb Level 1

              I don’t do a lot of technical sound stuff I usually just repeat the song to fit the movie and then reduce the sound at the end to make it match the movie. This is done in a lot of movies usually the trailers are done this way.  Maybe someone that’s a sound engineer can help you. I have cut the melody out of a song and repeated it which works in some songs. A song like jingle bells rpeats over and over so repeating a section makes it fit in. this is a piano piece  seems like you could make it work might have to play with the sound a little to get it to blend in. guess you could check the soundforge support areas see if there is anything that works