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    Problems with Quicktime

      I recently finished an interactive tutorial that was published to DVD. I had no problems and the dvd played perfectly. Once the project was complete, I had some computer issues and was forced to reformat my HD. Ever since re-installing Director MX 2004, I have not been able to view all of the Quicktime videos within Director. I had all of the data backed up on an external drive, as well as on DVD and none of these files run properly now.

      I'm confused as to what the problem may be. If I turn off the DTS button in relation to a movie, I can see the video, but it does not play smoothly. When I turn the DTS button back on, all I get is a white screen where the video is supposed to be. Additionally, this is only happening with some of the video. With certain pieces of video, I have no problems, and they are in the same format as the videos that do not work. I tried re-importing the pieces of video, but that did not solve the problem.

      If anyone has any ideas on this problem, they would be greatly appreciated.
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          johnAq Level 1
          You don't specify Mac or PC, I'll assume PC

          Sounds like a problem with QT itself, not Director. It could be that you're video/graphics card driver needs updating.

          If you go into the QT control panel? Video settings> turn on 'Safe Mode'. and see if this enables you see video - if so, it probably is you're drivers.