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    need help with dual slider

      Hi everyone, I am a flash designer new to flex, i know that Flex is geared more towards coders than designers, but i have a pretty good grasp on how to work w/ flex and as3. usually if i find some example i can mold my project after that. anyways here's my problem: i found a dual slider component by Brendan Meutzner and have it working great. what i need is for its change event to affect a grid of items in an xml file based on price. i know i need to put these items in an array collection. however, i found the adobe FlexStore and realized i could download the source by right clicking on it. in the products section there is the code and everything i need to make my project work (the slide updates visible products based on their price) but my problem is it only works the first time(if you move the slider you will see it update the product view but only from the initial values that wee set). here is a LINK to my files (with sourceview enabled) so if anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated. feel free to email me, alyssa@alyssadavis.com if you need any more info to help me out. thanks!