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    How to best configure 4 hd's for CS6 video editing

    Walter Bounds

      I have a new Dell system with 4 - 15k hd drives (600gb each) and 48gb of ram and a nVidea FX4800 video card.  I have all CS6 programs on C: and I store my projects on D: (scratch disk?).  My question is whether to assign the new cache files to another drive?  Actually I don't have a clue as to whether I'm using my hardware resources to their best uses.  Would someone speak loud and slow to explain the configuration that would give me the most speed?  (Non-RAID)  My second question is whether I can do any anything to make my PCIe slot hot-swappable?  My new PCIe drive will not work (without reboot) and the problem apparently rests with the the system board on my Dell T7500 -- the PCIe slot is not hot-swapable.  (I need to download video files from Sony SXS cards -- Express card 34?.)