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    Replace With AE Composition loses in/out


      Hello again. Sorry to spam the forum.


      I have a time-remapped clip that I'd like to bring in to AE for some pixelmotion love. However when I right click the clip, select "Replace with AE Composition," AE opens and displays a completely different part of the footage than the clip I had on Premiere's timeline.


      This doesn't happen on all or even most clips. I know 'nothing is random' but the rhyme and reason seems pretty obscure at this point. Formats/codecs are identical between working and non-working clips. Other time-remapped clips have worked just fine. In fact, let me take a moment to say how much I love this integration between AE and Premiere. I used both back before AE was an adobe product and a feature like this would've made me... well... it's not appropriate for the forum, but it's a Good Thing


      Anyway, back on topic, it is as if the in/out points of certain premiere clips are not being properly communicated to AE. Or they are the in/out points BEFORE the time remapping happens. Maybe. I would love to get a handle on the why and how so I can use this feature more reliably so if anyone has a technique I can use to illustrate just what is happening, I will buy them all their rounds for the night next time they're in town.


      Anyone seen this before? Got anything I can try?


      Thanks so much for your time and insight, my creatively driven fellows.