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    Create Sequences on one computer and render out from another


      Essentially what i'm trying to acheive is to use Premiere Pro (CS6) on my Mac to create sequences themselves but use a PC on the network to do the rendering work overnight.


      I create a number sequences, anywhere from a few minutes each that can be combined into hour plus long final videos.


      Is there a way to "package" a project onto a network drive where the PC can then see the project itself with the relevant source media?. I can move the project file and the source media singularly but I then need to manually relocate the media each time.


      The workflow would then be


      All source media originally loaded onto Mac


      Sequences within project made on the Mac


      When ready for rendering transfer to PC


      PC does work with Media Encoder, freeing up Mac for other tasks.


      Any help or suggestions would be most welcome!


      Thanks guys