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    Best workflow from print to web?

    smoothsea Level 3

      Hi all,


      Let me apologise in advance if this is the wrong forum for this question, but it is Indesign related (kind of).


      I sometimes need to make animated web banners that are based on existing print advertising, so the ads were originally put together using Indesign CS5.5 on a Mac.


      The quickest way to make the banners is to use the basic animation tools available in Indesign and to export to a swf, but I'm sure there's a better way to do it for a couple of reasons:


      1. I should think that the swf produced is probably larger and clumsier than something produced from scratch in Flash; and

      2. Isn't the preloaded list of behaviours a bit limited? - producing something that looks a bit 'template' if you know what I mean.


      Besides those reasons, if I understand it correctly, flash isn't supported on mobile devices anyway, so I'm going to need to look at a better approach.


      So my question is - what should I be learning in order to be able to animate these fairly simple banners, as quickly as possible, using files that started out as print advertising, so that they can be viewed on the largest number of devices?


      I have got the trial version of Edge and it seems fairly simple to use, but I can't copy and paste elements from Indesign - I suppose I'd have to export objects and/or groups of objects in my print ads to jpg, and then import them into Edge. That seems a shame.


      Sorry it's such a rambling post - there's such a lot of conflicting information around that it's hard to know what you need to know if you see what I mean.


      Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.