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    Can't install/uninstall Flash Player?


      Having some serious difficulty here with Flash. Firstly whenever I open a busy webpage that's running flash, my browser will immidiately crash (no rhyme intended)


      I've been scouring the FAQ's as well as Google to find a solution and so far the majority of responses have been something along the lines of "uninstall it and then reinstall it". So I've tried doing that, only problem is that the install/uninstall manager also keeps crashing for me. So essentially I can't install, I can't uninstall.. and I can't currently view pages with copious amounts of flash (for more than a couple of seconds anyways) without it crashing.


      Was really hoping somebody could help me, though I'm sure you'll need some information from me before you can give me an answer, so rather than filling up this whole discussion with information you may or may not need, but if you ask for some specific things I'll be sure to reply quickly


      P.S sorry there is little to none formatting - not particuarly in the mood to make things look pretty at the moment