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    Dispatcher permission error

    Tim Goodman Level 1



      I've just installed Dispatcher on a Linux install with Apache.


      It's attempting to connect to the renderer (a local Publish instance) and getting permission denied.  There's nothing obvious to suggest that it can't hit that IP address / port locally.


      Is there anything else that would prevent it from connecting to the Publish instance??



      [Thu Jul 05 15:30:39 2012] [I] [20332(47748372177664)] "GET /content/vollycoreproduct/en/login.html" 502 - 4008ms

      [Thu Jul 05 15:30:39 2012] [D] [20333(47748372177664)] Found farm website for

      [Thu Jul 05 15:30:39 2012] [D] [20333(47748372177664)] checking [/favicon.ico]

      [Thu Jul 05 15:30:39 2012] [D] [20333(47748372177664)] no cache due to authorization header.

      [Thu Jul 05 15:30:39 2012] [D] [20333(47748372177664)] cache-action for [/favicon.ico]: NONE

      [Thu Jul 05 15:30:39 2012] [E] [20333(47748372177664)] Unable to connect to render rend01 ( Permission denied

      [Thu Jul 05 15:30:39 2012] [E] [20333(47748372177664)] no valid render found


      Usually if the renderer is unavailable then Apache won't even start, so I'm not sure why it only fails on request.


      The error message in the browser is a 503 - Bad Gateway


      The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

      Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80