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    hide workflows in sidekick dropdown?




      Is there a way in CQ5.3 to stop a workflow model from appearing in the Sidekick workflow dropdown list? 


      I have a custom workflow that is called by the 'Activate Later' menu option from WCM (it uses an overlay version of siteadmin.actions.js).  I'd like to hide it in the Sidekick as it won't prompt for an activation date/time if triggered there so will fail. 


      In later versions of CQ it seems to be possible:  http://experiencedelivers.adobe.com/cemblog/en/experiencedelivers/2012/04/workflows-in-the -sidekick.html



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          Mr_Doug Level 1

          Ok, so after some more trial and error here is how to do this in CQ5.3...


          Use CRXDE Lite or CRX Content Explorer to navigate to:




          Update the tags property to be type = String and value = system and then save.


          *if the node is checked out you'll need to check it in first before you can edit it.


          The workflow will now no longer be displayed in the Sidekick dropdown (this may well be possible to do via the CQ5.3 GUI but if it is I'm still not sure how).