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    Best way for smooth converting from 60p to 30p in CS5.5?


      Hello all.


      My new Panasonic cam shoots 1080/60p. The nativley workflow with CS5.5 is fine and smooth ( big machine ) and the export to h264 1080/60p at max. AVCHD specs. works very well. The results playing by Duneplayer and beamer are amazing. At this point the thread can be closed. - Sorry, no. Sharing this footage by youtube or vimeo it´s necessary to change from 60p to 30p, cause 60p upload will look horrible there. Unfortunately I don´t find a way to obtain the smooth 60p look. It seems all methods ends in only deleting every second frame.


      Is there a way? Special adjustments on timeline or while exporting? Plugins? Hand-lay?


      Sry for my English, grtz from Germany.