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    passing values between JSPs

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      I am looking for suggestions on what is the best approach for below case, since CQ doesnt manage sessions:


      We have a page (rendered through contentpage.jsp) with OOB CQ Forms within it - after the user submits the form we process backend calls to Webservice/DB from POST.post.jsp.


      If the response is success - need to POST back to same page (contentpage.jsp) and display "Thank you" message


      a) Cookies using HTTPOnly (dont feel the right option)

      b) How to use Form hidden fields to pass values from POST.post.jsp to contentpage.jsp. We tried using the adding values to hashmap from POST.jsp like below , but it appends the form values as querystring on the URL?


      paramsMap.put("hidSubmit", new String[]{"None"});

      FormsHelper.redirectToReferrer(slingRequest, slingResponse, paramsMap);


      Any suggestions please? Thanks