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    problems launching projector from another projector

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      I'm creating a CD that starts off with an autorun projector file that pops up when the user puts the disc in. This projector file has an interface that contains a menu that gives the option of viewing the contents of the disc, installing Flash Player or installing Adobe Reader. The buttons that launch the installer .exe files for Flash player and Reader work fine. My problem comes when viewing the contents of the disc. Upon clicking the button that launches the contents, another projector file is launched (GSmaster.exe). This projector goes into full screen mode and serves as a container/shell and presents the user with a table of contents. Each button in the TOC is supposed to load separate .swf files into this container/shell. When running the GSmaster.exe by itself (totally bypassing the autorun projector file) everything works fine. When running the autorun, the button that launches the contents of the disc works in that it launches the GSmaster.exe file, however the links in the TOC stop working when going this route. This makes no sense to me at all. Is there an issue with using a projector file to call on another projector file that would cause these links to stop working?
      FYI - GSmaster.exe and all the .swfs that load into it are located in a "fscommand" folder. In the autorun projector file, the AS for the button that launches the GSmaster.exe is as follows:

      btnStart01.onRelease = function() {


      Again, if I run the GSmaster.exe by itself everything works fine, but if I go through the autorun interface, the GSmaster.exe launches in full screen mode as it should, but the links inside stop working.

      any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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          Seems the problem could be to-do with the default working directory.

          Try using JStart

          Download a FREE evaluation copy from


          This may solve your issue.

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            I've used Jstart before and it works well, however my goal was to do all of this in Flash in order to avoid a lot of extra work on the PC side (the final product will be a cross-platform disc) and relying on extra software to make it all work. Turns out that's unavoidable. After researching this over the course of a few days I've determined that when it comes to autorun functionality, Flash is not powerful enough for what I'm wanting to do. (not sure if "powerful enough" is the right way to put it, but that's the jist of it) I've created Flash autoruns for CDs before and they worked fine, however they were calling on simple items like .html files or basic installers. In this case, since the .exe being called has extra functionality built into it that calls on external files I'm assuming it's a security thing that's causing the problem. Hard to say since no messages or warnings came up. In my research I didn't find any specific reference to my problem, but one of the re-occuring comments made by other developers is that Flash isn't really meant for autorun apps and that autorun specific software is the best route to go. Having used IndigoRose's Autoplay software ( http://www.indigorose.com/site/index.php) in the past, I downloaded that and had everything working in a matter of minutes. I haven't had time to go into the details as to how it all works and what what makes it better than using Flash. At this point I'm just glad that solved my problem. Hope it helps anyone else with the same issues. Autoplay is super easy to use and customize. (the buttons and templates included are crap) The downside is that costs $400. There's a trial version, but it's limited to 30 days and the final autorun packages that are produced last only 4 days. After that they won't function.