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    FlexBuilder & AV/Firewall

    slaingod Level 1
      So just want to see if anyone else has run across any of these issues I am seeing in Flex Builder. I recently reinstalled my Vista SP1 system and put on Comodo Firewall and Panda AV, left UAC enabled.

      1) Eclipse annoyingly tries to write to the install folder every time it starts up, just to see if it can, dutifully popping up a dialog for Comodo. And you can't just 'allow' it, as it randomizes the file name of the DLL (why a dll and why random?). This is an eclipse issue I guess but still annoying as heck.

      2) In order to avoid having to kill ieuser.exe everytime I restart my debug session, I have to run FlexBuilder as administrator, when UAC is enabled.This was supposedly fixed by disabling IPv6 in flexbuilder.ini for FB3, but not in my case.

      3) FlexBuilder will crash with an internal error if it can't find the build path. My project had an old drive share letter that wasn't correct, but rather than tell me that, it just gave an internal error.

      4) Writing to network drives in general is VERY flaky. Sometimes it works, then other times it seems to not be able to write and starts giving the internal errors again.

      5) Trying to change the output folder simply isn't working, whether to a network drive or local. It does a little dialog popup blink, then when I reopen properties, it didn't change. Or maybe it did change, but I have to reopen Flex Builder to see the change?

      Flex Builder can make a lot of things easier, but when it goes wrong, it can really get frustrating quickly.