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    Can you fix your help project (via coding) after importing a topic from an output file by mistake?


      Yes - I admit it - I imported html topic files from an output folder of another RH project into the help project I am currently working on (the source files were lost and I needed to bring over a lot of legacy content in a hurry). However, I completely forget that the RH output html file contains unique Java scripting that is used to render the topic properly in a browser, but that same Java Script causes havoc when you open it up in as a source file in another RH Project. Needless to say, it has caused numerous weird things when I went to publish and view my files (but, surprisingly, you don’t really see or notice them in the RH Design WYSIWYG view or preview mode).

      The bad news is that it took about 2 weeks for me to notice the issue (the help output is viewed on a special console running Linux with a QT browser that I only view occasionally). The good news is that is that I figured out what the problem was (that took some hours) and I can restore my help project back to a time before I did the "naughty deed".

      I am now at a crossroads - do I:

      • Try to re-enter all of my content from the last two weeks? (Actually, to avoid repeating the same mistake twice, I will need to re-enter the text manually and NOT cut and paste from the RH output files!)
      • Or locate and find the offending HTML coding in my topic files (if that is even possible)? Has anybody documented what the RH output file JavaScript code injects into your files, and what files they affect?