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    Video controller/slider problem

    Handycam Level 1
      I am trying to hook up a slider component to work as a video controller. My video player component is called vidScreen.

      The slider is:
      <mx:HSlider id="slider" enabled="false" value="{vidScreen.playheadTime}" maximum="{vidScreen.totalTime}" dataTipFormatFunction="showScrubTime" change="doSeek(event)" allowTrackClick="true" liveDragging="true" width="480"/>

      The change event function is:
      private function doSeek(e:SliderEvent):void {
      vidScreen.playheadTime = e.value;

      The slider correctly updates to the video position. However, I can't use it for moving to other parts of the video; when I try to slide it, it just jumps back to the current time and "fights" with the drag/click.

      Any suggestions?