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    playing MIDI-files in  AIR

      How can i play MIDI-files in adobe air?
      can work with "lyrics" in .KAR -files?

      and tag <bgsound> (that can play midi in browser)
      are not working in adobe air.

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          anirudhs Level 2

          Playing midi files is not supported in AIR 1.0. But it might be considered for later versions. Post it as a feature request at http://www.adobe.com/go/wish/
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            I've developed some MIDI projects in Java. I'd love to rewrite these music education projects with Flex, because with Flex, I could easily create a great interface for them ...but alas, no MIDI sequencer or MIDI methods in ActionScript! There's a chance that AIR may have fuller access to the APIs of various audio tools (like QuickTime and CoreAudio) than rich internet applications. Anybody know?

            Anyone else interested in seeing MIDI support in ActionScript (AIR, Flex, Flash?)

            If so, please cast your vote in an ongoing discussion here:


            ... and you can create an individual post/request here:


            Anyone can read the discussion at the bugs.adobe links. However, if you wish to vote or add a comment you need to log in . Unfortunately your Adobe forum account won't work there, so you'd need to create an account for that area. It just takes a minute, and it's free. You know the routine: user name, password, reenter password, email address ... and that's about it.

            If you have any interest in MIDI, please vote. When Adobe implements MIDI, the result will be HUGE!