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    quicktime movie doesn't show up in shockwave


      Hi Guys,


      perhaps somebody can help me with this question that is really hard to figure out.

      I have a project made with director 11 that use some quick time videos(H264). Pubblishing the .app the project is ok. Instead if I export html and .dcr file, the .mov doesn't show up. I can hear audio, I can use interactive buttons, but the video is totally black.


      To figure out I tried to put the URL in the internet button under the filename of the member tab. Also I tried to preload the movie using the following script but nothing. 


      Have you any ideas?



      property pURLString -- the URL o  the asset to preload

      property pNetMember -- the cast member to assign the URL to



      -- Attach this behavior to a frame script or sprite.


      -- This behavior preloads a user-specified URL string and

      -- stores a reference to it in a global variable.

      -- The status of the global variable needs to be checked with

      -- netDone(_global.netID)to be sure the asset is loaded.


      -- Ken Loge - http://dreamsteep.com



      on getPropertyDescriptionList me

        list = [:]

        addProp list, #pURLString, [#comment: "URL of asset to preload:", #format: #string, #default: "http://dreamsteep.com/dreamedia/mov/Expand-Colors-1.mov"]

        addProp list, #pNetMember, [#comment: "Cast Member to assign the URL to:", #format: #member, #default: "Video1"]

        return list



      on exitFrame me

        -- set the filename of the specified member to the specified URL

        member(pNetMember).fileName = pURLString

        _global.netID = preloadNetThing(pURLString)






      I am working on a IMac 3.4 Ghz Intel Core i7 8 GB RAM. Os X 10.6 snow leopard. Browser safari o google chrome.



      Thank you very much,