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    Styles won't hold

    sheridanmc Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have the strangest problem. When I import styles from one chapter to another, my body text style becomes haunted. It's supposed to be Palatino, and it *says* it's Palatino in the settings. But it's actually Baker Signet, which is a heading style. I can't change it back to Palatino if it thinks it already is! Any idea what could possibly be going on?




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          lilia@ Level 2

          "one chapter to another"... i assume you mean one document to another or is it in a book file?

          Was there a paragraph style already called 'body copy' for example in the new chapter?


          You need to supply more information and/or snapshots.

          It's difficult to troubleshoot blind.

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            Michael Gianino Level 4

            One possibility is local override, where two selections of text have the same paragraph style, but look different because some part of the style is changed locally. Another possibility has been suggested by lilia@, where you have two different styles with the same name (each in a different document). If the latter is the case, I'd concentrate on the first chapter of the book, and make sure that all of the styles are present and correct. When you're sure that everything is OK in the first chapter, synchronize each subsequent chapter with the book pallet. This won't help you if you have applied the wrong style to any of the text, and will be less useful if you are using local overrides.


            If we were wrong about you using the book function, you can still correct all of the styles in one document, then load them into each of the other documents through the styles pallet, and when there is a conflict, have the incoming style replace the existing one.

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              Elf North Perth

              My Styles keeps using one font, although it says it is another.  I open each new chapter with a blank styles and then import the style from the  previous chapter.  So they cant have duplicate names.  Am stuck now as I cant use the paragraph styles.

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                Elf North Perth Level 1

                Hi sheridanmc,  I'm having the same problem.  I import the styles from a previous chapter so there should not be any duplication in names.  Then the styles keep using  font X, while listing it as fontY!  Have you solved this problem?  Elf

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  What font is listed in the Character panel?

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                    Michael Gianino Level 4

                    There may also be a character style applied, which will not show as a local override in-and-of itself.

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                      Elf North Perth Level 1

                      Hi Michael,


                      I suspect that the problem was  local override  - using an enboldened name in the otherwise regular paragraph (using command b).  I then tried using the Character syles for this task and the problem seemed to stop.  I just made the same font with bold and put it into the character styles and applied it to names within a regular font  papagraph.  With the paragraph styles I imported the same paragraph style from the previous chapter.  It is a book.  So there should NOT have been an conflict concerning use of the same names.  Seems to have stopped the problem/  Many thanks for your reply -- Elf