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    Trying to Open Nook Ebook inADE...


      Purchased a Nook ebook...online. Trying to open in ADE...get "Document is Licensed for a Different User Account" message...Any suggestions?

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          Level 4

          Adobe creates a small ID file for each ebook that's downloaded.  Part of

          that file is the Adobe ID of the user who did the download.  Thus, the

          ebook is linked to the user who downloaded it.  The message is telling you

          that you're not that user and you cannot access the downloaded ebook unless

          you are.  That's the way it is - because the Digital Millenium Copyright

          Act of 2000 says it should be.  Sorry!



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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            ADE does not (yet) support content purchased from Barnes and Noble.


            You have a few choices:

            1. Download Nook for PC
            2. Download NookStudy for PC (aimed more academic use - but is kept more up to date than Nook for PC)
            3. Download ADE 1.8/20 beta from labs.adobe.com