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    Breadcrumb placeholders in a multi authored project


      Good afternoon Robohelp community!


      Today's puzzle sees a master and child project in a mulit-authoring environment. Both projects use identical copies of the stylesheet and master page in which two authors may work on seperate parts of the project at once, then use the merged project feature when publishing.


      The master page in both the master and child projects' contains the breadcrumb placeholder, which has been labled ABC123.  The master is generated, and the child is generated and published.


      When reviewing the combined output  however, the breadcrumb for the child version has reverted to the inbuilt placeholder Home.  The master version remains as it should be.




      Master   ABC123 | Main Topic | Sub Topic

      Child      Home | Main Topic | Sub Topic


      While the easiest fix is to simple use the Home place holder, I would rather use my own. 


      Has anybody else discovered this issue, and have a solution?