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    Photoshop CS6 Windows version Shortcuts



      I am using Windows 7 OS, running Photoshop CS6 standard 64 Bit, 12GB RAM, dual XEON 2.6ghz processors

      I am experiencing problems with shortcuts. I also experienced the issues when using the Release candidate. I was hoping someone may be able to offer some advice


      The issues I have:

      The shortcuts will work intermittently and appear to be effected when using the layers palette. The issue relates to  things like pressing the J for clone or B for brush. Sometimes they work sometimes they dont. Other times I get a chime noise/beep sounding when pressing the [ ] keys to increase the brush size. the brush will increase/decrease. The fix is normally to select the tool with the mouse and all is well for a while


      I seem to have found a pattern when this occurs - and is when I have been using the layers pallete. An issue I can reproduce.

      For example I duplicate a layer, then select the new layer - add a blending mode then click on the new layer, old layer and try the merge shortcut - nothing happens. Sometimes I get the chime noise aswell but still no merge.

      If I click off the layers palette and then attempt the above - the merge works perfectly.


      Equally if I attempt the merge of the layers without first clicking off the layers, and try to select say B (brush) I get the chime and the tool is not selected. Other times no chime and the tool is not selected. Again using the mouse to select it works ok


      What was an inconvenience is a real pain now, as I am slowing down to do the click off layers trick or double checking the tool is the correct one I am trying to use.


      Things Ive tried/figured out:

      • Ive ensured the kit Im running is technically sound and is not being created by a performance issue.
      • I can reproduce this fault on different computers (all windows)
      • I have tried resetting the workspace and removing all but the layers pallete, but the issue remains
      • Ive even replaced the keyboard!! Even though the keyboard only has an issue in photoshop.
      • When running CS5 I did not have this issue, but the RC and the final version of CS6 displays this feature
      • Ive closed all apps, with the exception of CS6 photoshop to work out if is was an incompatibility - feature remains
      • Seems to be related to using the layers palette, when not using the palette - I very rearely get the problem.


      any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I'm wondering if you've hit the Alt key inadvertently...  When you get a situation where the system dings instead of accepting your keystroke, have a look at the menus...  Are the key characters underlined (a sign that the system has accepted the Alt key as a menu introducer).  Also, do you press H and see the Help menu open instead of the Hand tool being chosen?


          As with any intermittent problem in Photoshop, it's always a good idea to see whether an updated display driver has been released for your hardware and OS...  Photoshop uses the display driver heavily, and display driver bugs tend to corrupt things in memory locations they're not supposed to touch, which can lead to all kinds of weird problems.  What video card do you have?  Have you visited the manufacturer's web site lately to see whether you have the latest driver?



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            slackbladder Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Noel.

            I think you are onto something here with the Alt key. On checking when the chime occurs, the menu's are in focus and awaiting some inpout. So that explains that one. Many thanks - something very simple in the end but I completely missed it.


            Ive still have the oddness with the layer palette though. Do you have any feedback on that one? This is the part where I must click off the layers and reselect them to merge. I can now reproduce this without the chime!!

            What happens is if I duplicate a layer then select the another layer I want to merge. The shortcut for the merge doesnt work. But if I click off and then select the same layers again - the shortcut will work?


            many thanks for your help again


            The graphics card I'm using is:

            NVIDIA GEForce, GTX 550 Ti/PCIe/SSE2

            I updated the driver about 4 weeks ago, I'll check if there is a latest version of it to try.


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              PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

              Hello, is the blending mode dropdown still highlighted when the issue occurs?

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Only other thing that comes to mind with an inability to merge layers, besides something like the keyboard focus being elsewhere (Pierre's suggestion above), might be that a layer is not visible?  But surely you've checked that.


                Seems to me that I once had Ps CS6 fail to do a "stamp visible" (Control-Shift-Alt-E) operation unexpectedly, but I didn't think much of it at the time - I don't remember the specifics, but I was able to continue, so I might have figured it was my fault somehow and corrected something (or maybe I did something like what you did - click elsewhere).  I just don't remember; it was months ago.  I can't say I'm sensing consistent failures to do keyboard shortcuts, but one thing I've learned is that no two people use the keyboard the same way.


                I'm sorry I don't have other any strong ideas on why a merge layers shortcut might not work.



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                  slackbladder Level 1

                  Many thanks to both Noel, and PE on this.

                  I can confirm the layers visibility is on and the blending mode dropdown isnt highlighted when attempting the merge.


                  It certainly isnt the end of the world as Ive already started getting into the habit of clicking off now when merging. Im guessing it can't be a systemic issue otherwise there would have been loads of posts about it. So Im not going to start throwing my rattle out!!!


                  much appreciated to both of you for coming back to me on it.

                  all the best


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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    I'll keep a weather eye out for this kind of issue when I use keyboard shortcuts on layers, and I'll respond back here if I see it do something unexpected.  I wouldn't bet that it's not systemic and just being covered up by the fact that all people do things a little differently, but you're right - we're not seeing a huge number of of "Photoshop is ignoring my keyboard" comments here on the forum.  I'm sure Adobe would want to know if something isn't quite tuned properly, so if you can provide a reproducible problem scenario they'll very likely look at fixing it.