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    Why my dell 15R very hot when using PS CS4?

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      I am a  AD designer.  Sometimes I should take my dell 15R to my customer office.


      I  use CS4 to edit and show the ad photo for my customer, after using for 30 minutes the laptop become very hot and battery only can last 1 hours. I Also bought a battery replacement from starmall , why the CS4 so hot, I always must close the CS4 when It exhaust too many CPU and reopen it. Is there any better if I upgrade to CS5?

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this did not happen when you first got the unit and you have used it a lot it might need a cleaning to provide better airflow, I assume you always make sure that you are not obstructing the airflow by putting on a soft or padded surface.  Generally upgrading adds more features which require more code which would require more CPU power.  I do not know if this is true in Photoshop as this forum and my experience is with Premiere.  Maybe you need a laptop cooler!