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    Flash Player and DRM

    Nutriamix Level 1

      I was trying to view some free (and optionally paid) content on YouTube, and they say I more than meet the system requirements (having Flash 10.x) as well as a compatible OS version and all the supported browsers. But before I ever get to see anything, I get this message in the browser:


      "Browser is incompatible with rentals and purchases."


      That conflicts with what YouTube says, so I suspect it's either a Flash issue (maybe they require Flash 11 for this), but if that's true, then all their other videos should also refuse to play, and they continue to work just fine. Or it could be that they have some arbitrary requirement of having a different OS version (which I can't run without getting a new computer), but aren't disclosing this.


      When I try to view the same file on Amazon Instant Video, I don't get an error message, I just see nothing in the browser player window. Amazon lists their system requirements as having an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.6, as well as Flash 11. When questioned about this, they claimed that because Adobe stopped releasing Flash updates for PowerPC Macs, Flash 10 didn't support the DRM used on their content.


      But that makes no sense, because producers and distrubutors put DRM on content, not Adobe, so if anything, Adobe has to ensure that Flash is compatible with the various DRM systems used by different content distributors, including Apple. Since video worked perfectly well before under Flash 10, there's no reason it would 'break' with an update to Flash 11.


      Can anyone at Adobe explain truthfully what's really going on here, with specific details, along with why you're always pushing updates with questionable features or improvements onto users who don't need them?