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    Weird, I think, swf behavior...

    Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I've just started playing around with CS4's export to swf feature and I'm a bit perplexed.


      I export my catalog, set the size to 1024x768, let it do all 94 pages (probably large I know), have spreads, generate HTML and view SWF checked, text to flash text and include interactive page curl checked. Then set compression to auto, JPEG to low and Curve to minimum.


      I can't go past page 2 in a browser or in the Flash Player itself (v10). The first page curl animation works OK after a few seconds (I figure "load time") then it just about locks up and is essentially unusable directly from my HD, let alone attempting to upload it to my website. This happens even if I only export pages 1-10 with a file size of about 1.5 MB.


      I went through and tried all sorts of different settings and finally I clicked Rasterize Pages and exported. I was reluctant to do that, knowing the file size would jump drastically (for slow connection speeds). The file was over twice the size of the original attempt, but works perfectly when viewed in a browser or with the Flash Player 10.


      My question is: Why would a rasterized 94 page version run faster in Flash at 13MB than something with vector/flash text in it at under 6MB (or even the partial version at 1.5MB)?