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    Intel 2011 - 3930k - Great choice for premiere ?

    David Zeno Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I'm planning on upgrading my system, and am looking at the Intel 2011 chips, specifically the 3930K.


      Does anyone have any experience with this cpu chip ? and do you recommend it ?  Also, I'm not even sure if Adobe Premiere, AE, etc,

      utilize 6 cores at the moment, this could play into my decision also.


      I won't be upgrading my sytem for some time, after upgrading to this chip, etc.  I plan on putting 32 gb of memory onto the

      new motherboard too which should help greatly over my current 8 gb of ram on my current system.


      video card will be the Nvidia 680.

      Is this a good, intelligent choice for Premiere ? or am I wasting my money, and a less expensive chip would be better suited ?

      something that uses the Z77 motherboard.


      I have conflicting info from vendors I talked with yesterday, at a few stores I was visiting, and thought I should just ask here,

      where people actually use the program :-)


      Thanks for any help, and suggestions,