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    Installing CS3.3

    Charles Hirst

      I have purchased a copy of CS3.3 off ebay. What I have recieved is a sealed boxed version of an upgrade.


      Is it possible to purchase a serial number so I can activate this copy?



      To add some background to this, I am studying website design at a college evening course. The college is only up to CS3, so this is really the product I want.

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          Charles Hirst Newcomer

          Having spoken to Adobe they are absolutely unwilling to help in any way and will only sell me CS6, which is of no use to me since I won't be able to open any of my work at the college with the new version.


          What can I say it's just really rubbish customer service.

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            Jeff A Wright Legend

            Charles Hirst we are unable to sell older versions of the software due to a variety of legal reasons.  When you purchased Creative Suite 3 off of EBay was it only the software media or were you suppose to receive a license to use the software as well?


            Also you may want to work with your college as well.  If they are only teaching curriculum up to Creative Suite 3 then perhaps they have an avenue which you can utilize to obtain an older version of the software.