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    FlashGame, "sniper"-game, Action script help!


      I was trying to create a simple shooter game in Flash.
      And i want it to be very simple and not good looking if you now what i mean.

      Now to my problem.
      The game is all about to aim at a target and then fire/click and if you have hit the target, it should go to another frame. I want it to go to frame 5 after that you have hit the target.
      The sight is very simple, it´s a circle whit a cross in it. And it have a transparent background.

      The mouse is "hide" and the grafic (sight) show instead.
      BUT the moues is not "hide" in the midle of the sight. I want to decide where the mouse should be hide in the sight.

      I now that it can be hard to understand what i mean,
      so download the FLA file so that you have a better overview of my problem.

      Please take time and help me solve my problem.
      Sorry for my eng. , i´m Swedish.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can't control where the hidden mouse is located. you can control where you sight is located.

          so, if you want the mouse to be at the lower left of the sight, place the sight movieclip at the _xmouse+whateverX, _ymouse-whateverY. though, i can't think of any reason you would want to do that unless you just want to aggrevate your users so they shut down your game sooner rather than later.