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    Print problems CS6: colour cast


      I get great results with CS4, and Epson R2880 and calibrated monitor and paper profiles: prints just like the monitor only a little darker but I can handle that.  "Upgrading" to CS6 with everything else unchanged and the prints have a muddy green cast.  Currantly the "solution" is to manipulate in CS6 and print from CS4.  Can anyone say what might be worng and what I might do to solve the problem, please?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          A bunch of problems like this came out when Photoshop CS5 was first released, I believe with the Epson 28xx printer as well.  I remember magenta casts being described as well.


          I'm not sure they were ever resolved.  I remember one guy actually just bought another printer after giving up in exasperation.


          What are your color management settings?



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            leg2aug Level 1



            Color Management is Photoshop Manages Colors/calibrated profile for printer and paper/Normal Printing/Perceptual/Black Point Compensation.


            I’ll try not to get another printer!  Just have to stick, maybe, with printing through my CS4.


            Why does this sort of thing always happen when one does an “upgrade”?


            Thanks though.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Why does this sort of thing always happen when one does an “upgrade”?


              There are possibly as many answers, as there are "problems."


              However, I often see such issues where something gets "fixed," but then there are unintended consequences, that were far enough down the line, that the developers did not anticipate them, and testing did not get that deeply into things, so they were missed. One of these was when Premiere CS4 added a stand-alone AME (Adobe Media Encoder), that allowed a user to be Exporting, while editing - everyone loved that! However, that one change, however good it was, killed the ability to Export a Still Frame from Video, in an acceptably easy manner. While it could be done, when the steps were outlined, everyone screamed, "You HAVE to be kidding!" It took 2 updates, IIRC, to get that one fixed, and it was not until CS 5, that Adobe was able to really simplify the Still Frame Export in PrPro, like it had been able to do in Premiere Elements many years before. unintended consequences.


              With 3rd party drivers, there is a whole new layer of complexity that comes into play. Not saying that this is happening here, but most of us see similar, where company X's old driver flat does not work with the new Adobe program, and everyone has to wait, until they issue a new one. Same when company Y issues a new driver for their hot new ___, but it was not available for Adobe to test, and now things do not work. We have seen a similar scenario, where a video card/chip mfgr. (driven by extreme gaming) releases the lates driver, tuened for whatever the hottest game is, at that moment, only to find out that it kills Adobe Photoshop, or Premiere, or After Effects. Then, it's either roll-back, find a workaround or wait for the next version of that mfgr's. driver is released.


              Just some possibilities, for your very good question.


              Good luck,



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                gator soup Level 4

                what OS


                its working here, try reviewing


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                  leg2aug Level 1

                  I have a standard Dell PC with Windows 7 Home Premium