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    Inner-outer/left-right bleed. Why is this option inconsistent?

    ej 5000

      I have a book to export to PDF.  I need the bleeds to be set to inner and outer, not left and right.  Is there a way to specify to InDesign so that this happens?  Sometimes i get this option, sometimes I don't and I don't understand why this is inconsistent.


      The book documents are set up as two-page spreads. I have none of the documents selected when exporting to PDF X1. 


      There seems to be zero documentation out there about this.


      I know i could set the bleed to document settings and set the bleed for each one. But since there are about 50 sections and it's going to two different printers with two different bleed specs this is a bigger deal than I want to deal with.  Plus, why?  Like I mentioned, oftentimes, even with the exact same book that I'm dealing with now, the inner and outer bleed option is (or was) available.  But this time I can't get it back. Am i missing something obvious?  It seems like i've tried everything.  So if any of you have an idea I'm all ears.