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    Canon XA10 MTS files only work in 60i

    AjS VB

      Shooting with a Canon XA10, 60i MTS files are the only ones I can get smooth playback from on my W7x64 i7 ATI 5870 machine with CS6 Master.  30FP (Canon Progressive) playback is harsh in that it looks like the frames are trying to catch up with each other, very noticeable, ghosting type effect.


      Every attempt I've made to import and edit within Premiere or After effects results in poor H264 output with the same affect. 



      I've been editing for years with CS and avoid H264 like the plague.  But a new project shot with Canon XA10 MTS 1080, both 30FP and 60i.  I've tried playing back the files on several media players and Windows Media player is the ONLY one that offers smooth playback and ONLY with the 60i files.

      30FP or 24P outputs poorly as described above.. 


      My PC has the horsepower, but I suspect something is wrong with either the way it handles progressive H264 files of this type.  The camera was set to automatic mode in each case to offer test footage.  I restored my entire system to a new state of w7 and played the files with the same result ruling out other codecs (except the possiblity of ATI installed hardware accelerators? that are part of the driver suite)


      My only guess is that windows is somehow using the right filters when playing the 60i file, but all others are having issues dealing with it including Adobe.


      Test shot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vmz8485s0wyr3e/30PF%20Sports.MTS



      Finally found a workaround.  I created a new AE comp and used a custom framerate of 59.94, it accepts the 60i mts and allows me to edit properly and exports play properly without the jitter. 

      Fromt here I dropped it into Handbrake and it created a 29.97 smooth playing H264.  There is a God.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It probably didn't help that you shot the footage using Canon's Sports Mode, which implies a much-higher-than-normal shutter speed, which in turn acentuates the phenomenon of judder. 

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            AjS VB Level 1

            I shot in several modes, even did a factory reset to be sure, nothing really made any difference, my understanding was that Sports mode would use a higher shutter speed and my thinking is that it would HELP the effect, couldn't say for sure.


            If anyone could play the file and verify it looks "good" or "bad" would help me narrow things down.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Oh, I did indeed play the file.  It looks like it's shot at 30p with a fast shutter, making the judder even more noticeable on pans.

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                AjS VB Level 1

                I went through a variety of settings and bitrates for more test shots, and each had no or minimal affect on PF footage.  Prominent Judder.   Keeping all the same settings, I would then change over to 60i.  Playback for 60i was well, perfect, but again only through Windows Media Player. 


                It's something that I now notice instantly when viewing video, when you really look for this effect, you can see it in many videos, it's probably chaulked up to "there's something off about this video but I can't quite say what", well for me it's the judder when panning in Progressive mode.


                The sample videos I shot just highlight it to the point where it's impossible to miss.  It really is very distracting and takes away from the overall quality.  Outputting to 59.94 eliminates the problem.