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    Flash problems


      I recently updated my Flash Player to 11.3.300.257. Then the problems started. On IE8, text and graphics started dropping out, turning to blank white space, and the same happened with OE8 and even Word. I tried Firefox and it was just a jumble, with the same white space in, but not all, areas of my home page there. I tried downloaidng the 262 "fix", but it didn't work.


      No virus or malware problems. Video card and monitor are fine.


      The only way to stop this from happening is to restart and work until it happens again. The problem usually stays away unless I open more than two windows or some graphics-heavy site like Twitter.


      I tried uninstalling all Flash, but then I couldn't see the graphics for a reinstall! I tried installing Flash 10, but the software denied me, saying I could only install the latest version.


      What can I do?