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    Firewire Capture lags in CS6 not CS5.5


      I've got a JVC SR-VS30 deck connected via Firewire (which has an extension cable) to a Dell XPS. I was trying to capture a VHS tapes in CS6 (cloud membership) when I noticed the video would briefly freeze on the computer monitor and the audio would drop out enitrely. After a second or two the capture would resume and then a minute or two later the same problem would take place. Interestingly enough, there are not dropped frames reported. When I review the clip captured, it is indeed missing parts of the original video. It's like a hard cut in editing.


      I yanked out the tape and put it in a different deck to confirm it wasn't the tape. I placed the tape back into the JVC and same problem. On a whim, I fired up CS5.5 (still installed) and started the capture. No problem at all. It's capturing right now with 0 issues. So, it obviously isn't the deck playing the tape.


      From what I can tell, everything settings wise is the same for capture in CS6 and 5.5. It's recording to the same Promise that I've always captured to with 5.5 via direct-conect optical fiber.


      Any ideas why CS6 is giving me problems?