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      I realize that the Apple OS is common among image processing folks but I'm not likey to ever buy a Mac and you are developing PC software, so get with the program.


      Most of the PC software industry has become continuitous with regard to menus. This makes it much easier for users to perform daily tasks because we don't have to learn a different menu scheme for each piece of software we use.


      Adobe has always been terribly different and very combersome to use.

      If you would simply arrange your menus like the rest of the PC world, you would save many of us TONS of time spent learning to adjust to your whimsical placement of menus.


      I realize that I'm asking you and your programmers to adjust your thinking and learn to do what the rest of us alread do on a daily basis, but hey, I'm giving up a full week's pay to buy your software, the least you can do is not require me to spend another week's pay on a learning course to figure out your menu scheme.


      Example: Options that control a windowed environment are normally found under the Window menu. Wow, go figure, you control your window from the Window menu.

      Where does Adobe put it?  Under Edit. What the!?!?  Edit is what I want to do with my file, not my interface.


      OK, I've identified the base problem, now go buy a few pieces of Windows software and figure out the rest.  I suggest the MS Office suite since that is what most of us have to use in the corprate world.


      Continuity, try it.

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          Charlie.D Adobe Employee

          moving to the Photoshop forum

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            Photoshop sales are about 50-50, with  sales often tilting 60-40 in favor of Mac sales.  You won't find much sympathy for your rant in these user to user forums. It's not about Windows or Mac, it's about Photoshop.


            Learn how to use Photoshop.  Period.  (Full stop for British readers).



            67Tommy Guns wrote:


            ...has become continuitous...


            What on Earth do you mean by that?  Even "continuity" is nonsensical in this context.

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              While I won't argue that Adobe has a "we're the center of your computing universe" theme throughout (probably self-justified by the price being higher than any other application and even the operating system), your post does come off as a bit of a rant...


              What is it you found under Edit that you feel controls your windows?  Preferences?   Options or Preferences or Settings or whatever an application wants to call them are found in any number of different places in other apps - there's no consistency.  Don't look now but the Photoshop preferences don't just affect the windowing scheme.


              At least Adobe Photoshop still HAS menus.  It may not be perfect, but don't you dare encourage Adobe to move everything around now, after 13 major versions.  That would screw up millions of expert users!


              I won't say it quite as gruffly as station_two did, but I recommend you relax and take some time and get to know Photoshop.  It is a supremely powerful application that really does a lot more than pretty much any other application you have, and so it needs you to develop some expertise to use it well.



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                I also am having a little trouble grasping what Tommy Guns is talking about, but I have to admit that I have been using PS from the first day that it hit the PC. I have never had any problem (other than a slight learning curve, when something gets moved, or renamed) with the layout of the Tools, the menus, or really anything, BUT I have been using it for almost two decades. I actually have many more problems with some other Windows programs, and few of those from Adobe. Guess that I am just too much of a "fanboy," or am missing something very important?